About Our Company

The carpet industry in India is one of the oldest and well-established regionalized sectors employing over two million weavers. The industry has been thriving since the 16th century. India is one of the largest handmade carpet producers and exporters in the world.
We, at fabflies, are just a small part of this Indian legacy. We are the manufacturer and exporter of handmade woolen, cotton and viscose carpets located in Uttar Pradesh, the heartland of India, we take pride in carrying the rich legacy of our forefathers who had founded the business of hand crafted carpets to present to the world the excellent creations of the local craftsmen and weavers who excelled in hand woven textile products for home use.
We are a team of enthusiastic young people who believe in innovation, modern techniques and designs along with following the traditional approach to preserve the unique essence of our carpets.
We manufacture hand woven carpets of best quality in cotton, wool, polyester, jute. The different weaving styles that we use are – cut and pile, cut and loop, cut and shut, flatweave, shaggy. We also provide handloom and machine-made carpets.

We take utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our products and pay close attention to every detail related to manufacturing to ensure that the customers are always fully satisfied. The designs are developed by our in-house designers, but all the carpets can be customized as per the needs of the customers. We welcome our customers to provide their ideas to be converted into attractive designs.
Social accountability
We follow fair labor practices that strictly abhors the use of child labor. Our commitment towards other social causes is exemplified in the engagement of a large section of women workforce with the purpose of women empowerment that also contributes to the local economy.


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Image by Parham Moieni